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The Comadre Café is a space specifically for women of color on their business journey.

Do you have life and business experience that you can share with other women of color? Are you interested in supporting others on their journey? Do you know the value of a supportive community?

Madrinas are very special women of color who are passionate about helping others, their business, and making a positive impact on their community.

When I first started my business, Madrina Consulting, I discovered many groups and courses geared to new entrepreneurs. What I was really looking for was a group of people who could relate to my culture, my lived experiences, and my concerns. A group that I could learn from and share my talents with.

And so the Comadre Café was born! This group will start with Madrinas.

The doors for Comadre members will open soon. The Comadre level is specifically for women of color on their business journey.

Founding Madrinas will have the opportunity to collaborate, create, influence, and teach within the Comadre Café and other value added benefits.

  • Business promotion and referrals
  • Input on the future of Comadre Café
  • Networking
  • Free tools and resources
  • Free events
  • Locked in membership price forever
  • and more!!

Every new business owner or nonprofit leader needs an understanding and supportive community to work through the challenges and adventures of being an entrepreneur. Being a woman of color starting and running a business or nonprofit has some additional challenges.

Madrina Consulting is a 100% woman owned, Latina led consulting and coaching business.

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    Meet Selina

    Selina is a 28 year professional in working in public service and nonprofits. As a Mexican American-Puerto Rican woman, I have a strong sense of culture, tradition, and orgulloso. I bring this lived experience with me in my business and my membership center. I share my lessons learned and barriers overcome with women on a similar path.

    Madrina Consulting provides consulting and coaching services to small businesses and nonprofits.

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